Sunday, March 15, 2009

photos of my studio, work space where i cut the wood for my panels and make my frames..... and a installations i am working on ... well part of it when done it will stand ten feet tall. and some windows that i will use in another installation.

Monday, March 2, 2009

photo of my room/studio 2009 with a peak at the new work for the art show in june

photo of my part on the fulton mall mural which i will try to get more photos of because there is alot more of it to see.

this photos is of the spinner mural which was painted in late summer by christian vargas,erik beltran and samantha lazcano,

this is a photo of the t- shirts i was making at the time....
has my elephant on them...

on of the last painting i did in 2008

photos of the spinner art show in aug. of 2008 and some of my painting at the time

this next mural was painted in may of 2008 by the visual love art collective...
the part of the mural i have photos of is at the far left side of the wall and was a collaboration between mycow and myself.

this is the flyer for the art show we had at yoshi now on may 1 2008
art work is done my erik bletran and myself..

this is a elephant i painted on the window of yoshi now

erik on the ladder

me looking over my drawings
photo:Robert Pero( bob photography)

photo:Robert Pero( bob photography)

After procrastingating for months i have finally gathered all the photos i could find of 2008 murals and art shows.
Theses first photos are of the yoshi now mural which i worked on, along with other members of the Visual Love art Collective ( Christian Vargas, Erik Beltran, Mycow, Creighton Geigle , Samantha Lazcano ) the mural was painted between March and April of 08.